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If You’re Thinking of Selling Your Home Anytime Soon You’ll Need to Know This: 
Transfer of Title of an Existing Structure Located in the Flood Zone

“If a structure in the Township’s flood zone is being sold and before any resale C.O. can be issued, a substantial damage analysis is required. Hurricane Sandy impacted almost every home in the flood zone in some way and this analysis is needed to determine the extent of the impact and provide full disclosure to all parties. The substantial damage analysis may have already been done if a zoning permit for renovations was taken out subsequent to Sandy or may have been done by request of the owner related to grants or other funding.

If no substantial damage analysis was done, see the attached information and request form. If the home sustained no damage from Sandy, please sign and submit the form indicating this information. The Floodplain Manager will verify this information and advise the Building Department so the resale C.O. may be issued, provided all other Building requirements have been met.

A substantial damage analysis is not required if the seller can provide an Elevation Certificate or a survey with elevation information (based on or converted to 1988 elevation datum) showing that the home meets current elevation requirements. The Floodplain Manager can convert the elevations on an older Elevation Certificate or survey with elevation information if needed. The Floodplain Manager can also advise as to the home’s current requirements. A flood zone determination form is available online or at the Building/Zoning office.

Questions regarding the substantial damage analysis can be directed to Bonnie N. Flynn, Community Development Director and Floodplain Manager. She can be reached at 609-597-1000 x 8529 or bflynn@staffordnj.gov. No drop-ins please. If an appointment is needed, please contact Ms. Flynn directly to schedule same.”
To download a copy of the ‘

 ResaleCOprocesswithSDinfoandform.pdf  (click)

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