Home Alliance Realty’s Hybrid Property Management Program saves you time while you enjoy the income and tax benefits of owning rental investment property. Benefits in hiring Home Alliance Realty include:

Attracting Qualified Tenants

Tenants are attracted through the Multiple Listing Services (MLS), online advertising, social media, local major employers and eflyers to local Realtors. Many of our properties are rented through a time-developed marketing system.

Performing Background Checks of Tenants

One of the most valuable services performed is checking tenant's background. Credit, criminal, and upper court (evictions) are checked.

Inspecting the Property

To protect the owner's investment, we arrange inspections of the property before and after the tenant moves in. In addition, inspections are made during tenancy as needed. Plus, each tenant completes a move-in report to insure a proper record of the property's condition.


Arranging Maintenance & Repairs

Our Team provides company insured repair specialist at reduced rates. In addition, licensed contractors are called to make repairs on major air conditioning, heating, electrical, and plumbing repairs. Except in an emergency, property owners are notified of any repair that exceeds $200.


Negotiating Rental Rates

Rent rates are negotiated to the highest possible level depending on market conditions, quality of the tenant, length of leases, type of property, and the time of year. Although a tenant may offer a certain rent rate, staff often must negotiate a higher rate due to the circumstances. Setting proper rental rates and maintaining a strong marketing effort has allowed us to maintain a high occupancy rate! 


Collecting Rent  

Rents are sent to the property owner monthly unless an expense prevents mailing all funds. Tenants who have not paid their rent by the 5th of the month are sent a late notice. 

In the unfortunate event Eviction is necessary, we will file on behalf of our client, the Landlord. 


Enjoying Reasonable Fee

Our team offers services at low reasonable rates.  The difference in firms is often the quality of services. Our goal is to provide outstanding service so that any fees paid by the property owner are normally saved by avoiding longer vacancy times, excess repair costs, and tenants who have not been checked out completely 

Conducting a Free Rental Analysis

 A Rental Analysis helps determine what the property will rent for on a long-term basis. The analysis normally consists of visiting the property evaluating the property and its neighborhood. Recommendations are provided regarding repairs, appearance, marketing ideas and a rent range. A free Rental Analysis can be arranged by calling our office. Property owners are under no obligation to begin services after a Rental Analysis is provided.

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